Month: October 2018

Markets Fall as Investor’s Hedge the Risks On the Horizon for the Economy.

Markets Fall as Investor’s Hedge the Risks On the Horizon for the Economy.   The equity markets in America have turned downward as result of some storm clouds that have appeared on the horizon that threaten to stall or slow the growth of our economy.  Over the last few weeks the S&P 500 has fallen 10% from its September 30 peak and is now up just 1% for the year. All of MACM's growth strategies have fallen from their September 30th peaks.  MACM's dynamic growth portfolio has declined 13% but is still up 8% year to date.  AAI has given back 10% and is now up 5% year to date.   Diversified equity has given up 12% but is still up 11% year to date. While we are unhappy that we have given back almost everything gained in the third quarter we believe that higher prices remain on the horizon for equities and the cycle is not going to end here!Read more

Economy Accelerates Despite Tariffs and Trouble in Social Media

By Mitchel Anthony The US economy continued on its path of acceleration in the third quarter at the expense of rest of the globe.  Virtually all sectors of the US economy reported robust growth and improving demand for their goods and services throughout the third quarter.  While the naysayers worried about the impact of tariffs and the trouble in social media, the equity markets notched a terrific quarter with returns exceeding 7% or more across most domestic large-cap indices.  MACM’s dynamic growth portfolio advanced 9% in the quarter and its diversified equity portfolio advanced 10.1% in the quarter far exceeding the bogey of the S&P 500 which was up 7.4%. Read more