Month: October 2023

Why are Investors leaving Risk Assets! 

Why are Investors leaving Risk Assets!     October 10, 2023 By Mitchell Anthony   Investors left stocks, bonds, REITs, and bitcoin in the third quarter as the uncertainty for inflation caused investors to hit the pause button for BUYS  and contrarily build cash positions.  Inflation is still above the Fed speeding limit and higher rates will prevail until inflation buckles. The rush out of risk assets hit treasuries the hardest with the intermediate treasury fund (TLT) down 13% from its July 31 highs dealing a blow to prudent investors who thought treasuries & bonds were a safe place to be.  Stocks likewise declined with the S&P 500 down 5% and deeply cyclical value stocks as measured by the Russell 1000 Value (IWD) down over 7%. REITs declined 9% or more with office building REITs down over 15% (BXP) and residential property (REZ) faring a bit better at -7%.  MACM’s Dynamic Growth portfolio performed better with a modest decline of 1.9%. Read more