Month: September 2021

MACM Portfolios and Equity Indices descend a bit further on China Uncertainty and Tame Economic Data

MACM Portfolios and Equity Indices descend a bit further on China Uncertainty and Tame Economic Data By Mitchell Anthony September 20th, 2021   The equity market’s results last week were mixed as soft but tame economic data combined with further regulatory talk by Chinese officials brought concern to the US markets.  Investors seem to forget occasionally that soft economic data is much better than strong economic data.   The equity markets in America are highly valued and some say ripe for a correction given the right economic event.  Thus far the economic environment has been benign with very accommodative central bank policy and an outlook for modest to moderate economic growth.  The inflation numbers were a bit hot but now are calming just as the Fed had predicted.  This is nirvana for equity markets.  As a result we have highly valued markets that are likely to stay highly valued and tilt higher until the economy stumbles badly.Read more

Markets flat last week but MACM Portfolios Advance!

Markets flat last week but MACM Portfolios Advance! By Mitchell Anthony September 7th, 2021   We had another solid week for MACM portfolios last week. MACM’s dynamic growth portfolio (DG) advanced 0.72% compared to flat returns (0.18%) for the S&P 500.  Recent additions to the portfolio continued for the second straight week to lead the advance with China (CHIQ) returning 2.5% last week.  The FAANG stocks which are heavy in our DG portfolio, had another week of gains advancing approximately 1.10% in total.  FB -1.16%, AMZN +1.65%, AAPL +0.77%, NFLX +4.3%, GOOGL -0.59%.  Investors weighed the corporate news flow and economic reports  and found no compelling reasons to favor Value or Growth with both arena’s up modestly for the week.  We likewise were quiet last week with no major changes to the portfolio based upon news flow.  Large Cap growth IWF +0.33% and Large Cap Value IWD + 0.20%.  The Tech Heavy Nasdaq QQQ advanced 0.34%.Read more

Trends in E-commerce

Trends in E-commerce By Mitchell Anthony September 3, 2021   E-commerce is an exciting industry that contains some of the most innovative companies in the world like Amazon and Ali Baba. The technology and innovation of these companies is shaping the landscape of the global economy changing trends in consumption and providing employment opportunities for hundreds of thousands of people. The industry is still very small and in the early phases of development and adoption by consumers worldwide. The current advancements in technology are enabling the industry to position itself for strong growth, and moderate valuations relative to growth make the industry leaders ripe for investment.Read more