Month: February 2022

Russian Aggression Risks Global Recession

Russian Aggression Risks Global Recession By Mitchell Anthony February 14, 2022   Russia is seeking concessions from the Western world that will enable them to expand their socialistic culture onto previous members of the Soviet Alliance.  Russia has not been successful in the democratic world that many members of the Soviet Union embraced after the 1991 breakup of the USSR. As a result they have returned to a more authoritative form of socialism.   As such they have aggressively tried to re-annex former USSR Members including Georgia and the Crimea.  Their next target is the Ukraine who has resisted and has sought refuge from NATO and the Western World.   The Ukraine was promised entrance into NATO in 2014 after the takeover/annexation of Crimea by Russia.  This promise has not been delivered as it seems that it would lead to an invasion of the Ukraine by Russia. There is a tug-of-war going on between Russia and the western world. Russia would like to see socialism return similar to the Cold War era that existed in the 80s.  America and the West conversely want to see these former Soviet republics become stable productive economies with democracies running their governments. Read more