Month: August 2021

Great Moves in MACM Portfolios Last Week!

Great Moves in MACM Portfolios Last Week! By Mitchell Anthony August 30, 2021   Last week was a terrific week for the markets and for MACM portfolios. MACM’s dynamic growth portfolio (DG) advanced 2.75% compared to 1.6% for the S&P 500.  Recent additions to the portfolio led the advance with China  (CHIQ) returning 4.3% last week.  The FAANG stocks which are heavy in our portfolio, had a great week advanced approximately 3%.  FB +3.6%, AMZN 4.7%, AAPL +.4%, NFLX +1.8%, GOOGL + 4.8%.  Growth portfolios in general did better than value as expectations for a strong rebound in the economy with boomy growth continued to wane from the minds of investors, driving money back to long-term secular growth names like the FAANG.   SIFI’s (sexy, innovative, fragmented, industries) also did well as investors worry less about rising interest rates and more about owning names with strong growth characteristics.Read more

China – The Next Economic Superpower or just the World’s Largest Economy?

China – The Next Economic Superpower or just the World’s Largest Economy? August 20, 2021 By Mitchell Anthony   Is China the next Economic Superpower You cannot talk about global economics without reference to China’s attempt to infringe upon America’s title of Supreme Economic Superpower.  There is clearly a race going on!  China’s monarchy has made significant progress at ending poverty in China and is now at work building a large middle class that can consume, pay taxes, and support a strong Government Budget.  The question that is on everyone’s mind however is: will China become a stronger economic powerhouse than America?  Rest assured they will soon become a larger economy than America but will they be superior and more powerful?Read more

Expectations for Boomy Growth Sink!

Expectations for Boomy Growth Sink! July 31, 2021 By Mitchell Anthony   The 2nd quarter was great yet again for equity markets, but volatile for expectations for the US Economy. How quickly the outlook can change – Boomy growth expectations from CEO’s and Market strategists that were plentiful at the beginning of the quarter were nowhere to be found by the end.  Leadership in the equity markets adjusted accordingly as secular growth companies (Tech, ecommerce, services) found renewed leadership and cyclical value oriented names fell from top to bottom as the quarter unfolded. Inflation spiked as the sleeping consumption giant awoke hungry and found the kitchen in a poor state of supply with modest inventory.  The Fed’s patient posture toward inflation is certainly under the microscope and is the center of worry for investors.Read more