Rising Consumer Confidence Leads Equity Markets Higher

2016 was a volatile year for the global economy and the world’s financial markets. The year began with the markets and the economy drowning in pessimism, but ended with consumer confidence at a 15 year high and the DJIA knocking on the door of 20,000. One might say that investors have blind optimism in pushing the DJIA to all-time highs given the fact that significant obstacles remain in the path of our economy. Mr. Trump is likely a big part of the reason for this optimism. His campaign identified and shouted from the mountaintop the problems that have handcuffed the globe’s economic superpower for the last decade.Read more

Post-Election Trump Looks a Bit Different than Pre-Election Trump

Industrial and Defense Stocks have led the Market to new highs as consumers and investors have embraced the post-election statements of Mr. Trump optimistically. Mr. Trump’s poise and dignity, that seemed lacking throughout the campaign, has emerged, and as a result optimism as developed throughout America and the world. Financial markets have rallied globally. The Dow Jones industrial average broke 19,000 for the first time and most industrial based stock indices are at new highs. Contrarily growth indices have encountered fear-based obstacles and have lagged the industrial based leadership in the market. Since the election defense and aerospace, heavy construction, and bank stocks have led the market and have advanced double digits, despite virtually no confirmation from Wall Street analysts with higher revisions to earnings for these groups.Read more

The Political Maverick Scores a Victory and Creates Uncertainty for the Economy and Markets

The failures of our political leaders over the last decade ushered in an opening for Donald Trump to obtain the presidency. Trump cleverly realized this and seized on the opportunity. Trump’s campaign was full of rhetoric and promises seemingly made without true regard to what was achievable. Now that Trump has captured the presidency we will likely see an agenda laid out that is more realistic with what this country can afford and the Congress will accept.Read more